Christmas Program - Festival of Toys

Festival Of Toys 2023

Welcome, we are excited to have you participate in the Festival of Toys for 2023.

There are some changes to this year’s program. For a number of reasons, we will not be offering sponsorships of families this year. As much as we loved doing the sponsorship program, we don’t have room to store all the sponsored gifts and we are short-staffed and unable to support the work needed to create a great sponsorship program this year.  We are hoping that all the previous sponsors will understand and think about redirecting the money you spent on sponsoring a family into toys to be given at the shopping days, or cash donations that will be used to purchase gift cards and other toys for the parents coming to shop those days.

As always you can only participate in one of the gift shopping programs available and you must reside in Eau Claire County to participate in Festival of Toys. Applications close on Friday, December 1, 2023.

If you are looking for the application you will find it here. We hope to have a Spanish version up shortly. For those that are more comfortable with Hmong you may go to the Hmong Mutual Assistance Office (1320 W Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire) and they will assist you in filling out the application on-line.

The application has been simplified to reflect that we will not be doing sponsorships this year.

Once we have your application you will receive a confirmation letter from us providing you with specifics of the location and dates for the event.

Thank you for participating in, as well as donating to, the Festival of Toys 2023. Let’s make as many families holidays as we can!! 



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Próximamente habrá una versión en español de la aplicación.
Spanish version coming soon!